Posted by Anlee Fekkes

On April 12, the ladies of Communion Church came together at host Rachel Bennett’s home for Cupcake Decorating 101. Cupcakes have always been popular, but have found a resurgence in recent years, as they are the perfect hipster dessert to follow a kimichi/pho lunch. The problem is, these small delicacies cost 2 to 3 each. In order to have our cupcakes and eat them too, Amanda Henderson volunteered to teach the basics of cupcake decorating. Amanda demonstrated how to fill piping bags with frosting and how to decorate cupcakes simply using only frosting and different tips (no sprinkles here). God’s grace was evident as the women were able to have time of fellowship as well as to learn a new skill, and to encourage the gifts of another person. Check out the events page for upcoming women’s ministry events!