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This series is not for the faint of heart. The book of Judges is one of the most disturbing narratives in Scripture, chronicling some of the most provocative people who have ever lived, doing some of the most violent things imaginable (This is probably why most churches choose not to preach it).

The book of Judges is the continuing story of God laboring to gather a community of worshippers, for Himself, from within an evil and rebellious world. The repetitive theme of, “everyone did what was right in their own eyes,” not only sets the tone for the culture, but describes the attitudes of some of the darkest “heroes” in God’s story of redemption. We must all fight the temptation to “judge” the judges for, in truth, we are no different. We are equally unfaithful and fully convinced of our own “rightness”. In truth, when we read about the ever rebellious Israel with its misguided leaders, we see ancient versions of our own present-day idolatry — individual and corporate.

In our study, we are confronted with the injustice that sinful idolatry invariably brings. We are also confronted with a God too big to explain. His methods of using sinful men to deal with sin, and His relative silence regarding the sinful ways in which they do it, leads some to question or deny God’s character. Without question, God does raise up evil men (there are no other kind) to do His work; but he does not commend every decision they make as they work. Some of their decisions are foolish, rash, and contrary to God’s Word. If nothing else it proves that those who know God, even those who are used by God, cannot
escape the effects of sin. Yet, we see that our God is sovereign; He accomplishes His mission, not despite sinful men, but through them. God is faithful though men are not. Although we sin and fail, God uses us to advance His kingdom by the power of His Spirit. So, as we come face to face with our own unfaithfulness, our prayer is that we will be driven to despair, but to the cross — where God proved His faithfulness to us. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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Introduction | Judges 1.1

Covenant Unfaithfulness | Judges 1.2-2.6

Generational Unfaithfulness | Judges 2.7-11

Faithful Anger | Judges 2.12-3.6

Faithful Action | Judges 3.7-11

Faithful Message | Judges 3.12-30 | Pastor Marc Tesch

Faithful Confusion | Judges 3.31

Faithful Calling | Judges 4.1-24

Faithful Declaration | Judges 5.1-31

Faithful Answer | Judges 6.1-10

Faithful Presence | Judges 6.11-35

Faithful Test | Judges 6.36-40

Faithful Odds | Judges 7.1-24 | Pastor Marc Tesch

Unfaithful Zeal | Judges 8.1-35

Unfaithful Allegiance | Judges 9.1-57


Faithful Servants | Judges 10.1-5, 12.8-15

Unfaithful Conversations | Judges 10.6-11.28
[Audio not available]

Unfaithful Words | Judges 11.29-12.7

Faithful Deliverer | Judges 13.1-25

Unfaithful Deliverer | Judges 14.1-20

Faithful Spirit | Judges 15.1-20 | Pastor Aaron Teague

Unfaithful Strength | Judges 16.1-20

Faithful Death | Judges 16.21-31

Unfaithful Worship | Judges 17.1-18.31

UNFAITHFUL | Judges 19.1-20.48

FAITHFUL [epilogue] | Hebrews 10.19-31