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Pastor Jim Fikkert
January 14, 2018

Joy…in partnership partnership

The story of redemption is about God redeeming and gathering a people to worship and serve Him in unity. While we wait for the completion of this, we are united to others in the church though a shared mission: to make Jesus known and loved.

January 7, 2018

Joy…in Christ Christ

The letter to the church in Philippi starts as most letters do: identifying the writer, the recipient, and giving a blessing. As we begin this letter, we investigate the relationship between the writer and the church as well as his purpose for writing. Spoiler: it’s about JOY.

December 31, 2017

How shall we then give?

How shall we then give?

Taking on a giving posture means that we begin to start looking for places to serve. But where do we look? How do we know what giving God is calling us to? Peter gives us some guidance.

December 17, 2017

…so we give we give

The gift of Jesus Christ demands a response, and the response the Bible lays out for us is thanksgiving. This thanksgiving is not just a feeling, but a spirit of gratitude that shows itself in generosity. As Christians, we should give, not because of what we get in return, but because giving is an opportunity […]

December 10, 2017

He gave…

He gave...

John 1 offers us a unique picture of the gift of Jesus Christ, by placing this moment into the span of eternity. What this does for us is shows us that while Jesus birth, life, death, and resurrection had minimal affects within human history (from the standpoint of events), it was the pinnacle of God’s […]

December 3, 2017

1 Samuel 31 | Draw your Sword

1 Samuel 31 | Draw your Sword

We end the book of 1 Samuel with the end of Saul. As we come to the end of his life, we see how the decisions of Saul’s life have led to a destruction of everything around him: his sons are dead, his army decimated, and the nation of Israel is on the run. In […]

November 19, 2017

1 Samuel 30 | This is David’s spoil

1 Samuel 30 | This is David's spoil

David and his men return home after bring rescued from their awkward situation in the Philistine army, only to find that their city has been burned and the women and children taken. David goes to God for strength, guidance, and hope in the midst of his suffering. This┬ástory teaches us a bit about faith, suffering, […]

November 12, 2017

1 Samuel 28 | The Lord has turned from you

1 Samuel 28 | The Lord has turned from you

Saul has reached his breaking point and pursues help…in the form of a witch. He is frustrated by God’s lack of communication, so he channels the one prophet who always knew what to say: Samuel. If he expected Samuel to join his pity party, he was wrong. Samuel rebukes him and then adds to his […]

November 5, 2017

1 Samuel 27+29 | I shall escape out of his hand

1 Samuel 27+29 | I shall escape out of his hand

David takes his men into Philistine land and takes things into his own hands. In this ‘godless’ chapter, we see what happens when we ‘follow our hearts.’ David creates a mess of a situation and becomes trapped by his own actions and lies. God, as He always does, rescues David from this. In all of […]

October 29, 2017

1 Samuel 25 | Blessed be your discretion, and blessed be you

1 Samuel 25 | Blessed be your discretion, and blessed be you

A vignette within the larger story of 1 Samuel, David is faced with a disrespectful local who has gotten used to being a big fish in a small pond. Nabal not only rejects David’s request, but insults him in the process. Just as David is about to act in a way that will bring shame […]

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