Maturing in Christ

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Growth in the Christian life — what theologians call sanctification — is a massive topic. If you’ve ever tried to go through even one New Testament book and right down everything it has to say about maturing in the faith, you’ve probably quickly realized how many verses speak to this topic, and how many different aspects there are to this topic.

For this reason, it’s helpful to have some sort of framework, or set of categories, for thinking about sanctification. Having such a framework as a church allows us to lay out a clearer path for what growth looks like, and to be more intentional and more holistic in our growth.

The framework we’re going to use for talking about Christian growth at Communion Church consists of three facets: doctrine, devotion, and duty. Or, as sometimes labeled: head, heart, and hands. These three categories have a long history, being witnessed in various ways in the Bible, throughout church history, and even in psychosocial analysis. Hear the three-part sermon series by clicking the links below.

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Maturing in Christ