1 Samuel 16 | The Lord looks on the heart

September 10, 2017


There are two ways to see. The first is to allow your experience of this life to be the basis of truth; the second is to allow God’s way of seeing the world to take precedence. The human experience is a constant struggle between these two: is there an absolute truth or are the varying worldviews all equally true? Is there a universal purpose for life or does each person get to make their own way? This story gives us two instances where God confronts the human way of seeing the world. The first is when He challenges Samuel not to get stuck in depression for Saul’s failures. Was it a place for mourning? Sure. God wants Samuel to understand that the mission of God keeps moving. Human failure does not limit God’s ability or His ‘success.’ The second challenge God gives is in selecting His choice for king of Israel. He picks the least likely one of Jesse’s sons; His view of strength and weakness is far different from ours. All of this is to show us not only that there is a truth, but that we can’t access it on our own. The only way to live out the will of God is to trust His way of seeing over our own.

Bible References

  • 1 Samuel 16