Kingdom of Law

February 17, 2014


Despite distinctions there is great continuity and harmony between the teaching and work of Jesus and the Old Testament (The Law and Prophets). While there are temptations to cast aside much of the OT as antiquated and obsolete with the advent of the New Testament, it is significant to recognize the religion of the OT is seedling of Christianity. Jesus words affirming His fulfillment of both the Jewish Law and the Prophecies show the Old and New Testaments are to be taken as one work pointing to and preach the same Gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, the OT saints were led by the same Spirit we are, and were waiting for the same Savior we do. With His sinless life, Jesus fulfills both the ceremonial and moral laws becoming the perfect sacrifice for our sin. Because we know God more fully in Jesus the NT Christian’s personal holiness should exceed that of one who only had the OT as a guide.

Bible References

  • Matthew 5:17 - 20