Service at 10a

Our mission is to get people in right relationship with God. Then to teach the balance of gospel living in ALL areas of life. People err in different places. Most of us play to our strengths, and hold others to that standard. So we have some who have a high view of gathered church, but not the others. People who pastor their homes well, but have no concern for other people. People who love to be on mission but hate other Christians. We MUST be all things that God calls us to, not settle for being specialists where it is easy. The Great Commission calls us to teach ALL that Jesus had commanded them. That is our goal. We are active participants, either good or bad, in three spheres of the church:


The first church is the family. God set up the family, not simply as a support system for His people on earth, but as a sanctification center. Churches often spend a great deal of time and money on discipleship and leadership development material without realizing that God has already given it to them, which is why manage his household is a qualification for elder. They are looking for a man made system that will do what God’s system already does. As a church, we simply point people back to the role and responsibility they already have.

  • Teach parents who God has called them to be in Parenting classes
  • Create support groups for parents as they struggle with their inability to love and discipline their children as God does us
  • Have foundational bible classes so that parents have a sense of what it is they are supposed to be teaching
  • Model healthy spouse and parent/child relationships
  • Provide resources for pastoring the home. Sermon booklets, kids curriculum, and/or books


The gathered church is the local body of believers. It is the group of people that you meet with on Sunday. This gathering was given to us specifically to strengthen, encourage, equip, and comfort the Christian. This is how we are the city on the hill, by how we relate with each other in the fellowship of believers. This fellowship is more than just a way to spend our Sundays or sharpen our personal piety. It is through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known — see Ephesians 3.10.

  • Preach challenging sermons expositionally
  • Administer the sacraments as well as continually reminding people the weight and purpose of them
  • Help people to discover and exercise their spiritual gifts
  • Allow people to experience the community of believers, and to recognize that this is God’s gift to us


The scattered church is the individual Christian in the world. For many, this has become the fullest and truest expression of gospel mission, but without the other aspects it is incomplete. The role of the scattered church is to spread the truth of who God is and what He has done to the ends of the earth. By working through individuals who are already rooted in all aspects of culture, God has assured that His truth already has conduits to work through.

  • Teach the importance of a gospel approach to occupation
  • Help people to see their relationships through the lens of the gospel
  • Challenge people to be active participants of God’s mission wherever they are
  • Support people as they creatively embark on personal mission