When we get together, we worship God. We do this in a dramatic back and forth where we allow God to speak to us and we respond to Him. The following is the flow of the worship service at Communion Church.


Hebrews 12.28-29

Life is busy. We are all going a million miles a minute right up until we walk into church. It is difficult to flip the switch and go from being entirely consumed with our own existence to being in the presence of an all consuming God. We use an opening song, time of welcome, and verse to prepare our minds and hearts for what is to come.

WE CONFESS | Songs of Redemption

Nehemiah 9.3

Our time together is to remember what we bring to the table — our sin, as well as what Jesus does — reconciliation. When we are put face to face with God it causes two reactions: ultimate brokenness and ultimate joy.


Deuteronomy 11.26-28

Jesus came to fulfill the Law, not to abolish it. God’s Law does not justify us, as a matter of fact, it is what points to our inability to justify ourselves. But the Law also acts as a guide for the New Life. We read the blessings and curse of God because they point to who He is and who He calls us to be.

WE PRAY | Intercessory Prayer

Nehemiah 1.5-6

We must be a people of prayer, constantly reminding ourselves that we are nothing without Jesus. We must be praying for each other, both requests as well as confession. This gives us a time to come before God together on behalf of one another.


2 Timothy 4.1-2

God’s Word is life, and so we spend time in it. This is the portion of the service that we receive from God what He would have for us.


1 Corinthians 11.26

Upon hearing God’s Word, we react to who he is and what He has done. We do this by joining together to celebrate the oneness of God’s people with the savior who died to make us all His.

WE RESPOND | Songs of Thanksgiving

Colossians 1.11-12

In response to God’s Word we praise Him. We spend time specifically thanking Him and praising Him for what He has done, and what He continues to do in our lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. This includes giving back to Him through tithes and offerings.

WE RECEIVE | The Blessing

Romans 16.25-27

God gets the last word. We are sent out from this enriching experience with a blessing from God.